Key benefits of our risk management service:

  • Early risk identification
  • Key stakeholder engagement
  • Clear risk ownership
  • Dedicated workshops
Construction site 1359136 150
Construction site 1359136 150

Common issues

It should come as no surprise that construction projects are accompanied by inherent risk at various stages .

What remains surprising though is the number of projects that only address problems ‘after the event’ when dealing with the fall out of what could have been manageable risks.

When considering roll out programmes, expansions and property portfolios, the impact of unmanaged risk increases considerably whereby common risks can create a snowball effect, grounding your programme at a critical time.

Proper risk identification and management informs key stakeholders of the potential pitfalls in a project and how the delivery team intend to avoid, reduce, transfer or share the potential pain.

Linked to our strategic Procurement and Project Delivery Processes, we believe Risk Management should be embedded into all stages of a project.

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Building 4781384 150

Our solution

Doyle Hamilton’s strategic risk management service sets out to identify risks early in a projects life, with continued monitoring throughout.

Through engagement with key stakeholders, analysis of the proposed design and construction and dedicated Risk Management workshops, we set out to identify a wide range of potential risks including

  • Business Driven Risks.
  • Market & Political Risks.
  • Benefit Risks.
  • Consequential / Indirect Risks.
  • Project & Construction Risks.
  • Programme & Delay Risks.

Our Risk Management Services are perfectly suited to both multi-property programmes and individual projects (where particular project risks may be high).

The Doyle Hamilton offering includes:

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Health Check & Validation

An audit of how our clients undertake and control their property projects.

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Project Delivery Processes

Supporting our clients with the tools required to run successful projects.

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Strategic Procurement & Tendering

Working together to develop tailored procurement and tendering solutions.

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Strategic Value Engineering

Assisting our clients to identify and integrate Value Engineering solutions.

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Strategic Central Cost Monitoring

Providing a strategic cost overview at a ‘global’ level to inform key stakeholders.

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Process Compliance & Monitoring

Monitoring and measuring the success of the new systems and project procedures.

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Funder & Investment Monitoring

independent auditing services designed to protect our Clients investment.

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