Key benefits of our central cost monitoring service:

  • Multi roll out
  • Cost trend forecasting
  • Key stakeholder outputs
  • Global level analysis
Buildings 768466 150
Buildings 768466 150

Common issues

An unmonitored central ‘cost report’ may provide an overview but lacks the strategic consideration required to spot trends early.

Cost trends (either negative or positive) may occur through elements such as client scope changes, programme delays or external factors such as supply chain issues and market trends.

Magnified over a fast-paced multi site programme, costs can soon run out of control without careful monitoring that informs timely stakeholder decision making.

Informed by reporting mechanisms introduced in our strategic Project Delivery Processes, our strategic cost monitoring service is designed to give clients advanced visibility of their 'whole programme' cost direction.

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Startup 849805 150

Our solution

Doyle Hamilton’s strategic Central Cost Monitoring service comes through years of experience in cost managing multi roll out, expansions and large property portfolio projects.

By acting independently of day to day project delivery teams, our service looks to:

  • Provide a strategic cost overview to inform key stakeholders.
  • Allow the early identification of cost trends at a ‘global’ level.
  • Help inform timely options to manage costs in an overall programme so opportunities are not missed.
  • Aids communication between individual project teams so common objectives are met.
  • Monitor collective contingency and risk allowance costs in a programme of projects.
  • Be more than a central ‘Cost Reporting’ service after the event, with the aim of providing a pro-active service that supports decision making.

The Doyle Hamilton offering includes:

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Health Check & Validation

An audit of how our clients undertake and control their property projects.

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Project Delivery Processes

Supporting our clients with the tools required to run successful projects.

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Strategic Procurement & Tendering

Working together to develop tailored procurement and tendering solutions.

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Strategic Value Engineering

Assisting our clients to identify and integrate Value Engineering solutions.

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Strategic Risk Management

Identify risks early in a projects life with continued monitoring throughout.

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Process Compliance & Monitoring

Monitoring and measuring the success of the new systems and project procedures.

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Funder & Investment Monitoring

independent auditing services designed to protect our Clients investment.

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