Key benefits of our healthcheck and validation service:

  • Validating Best Practice
  • Inception to completion reviews
  • Understanding your business
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
Meeting 594091 150
Meeting 594091 150

How it works

This first step is a ‘grass roots’ exercise to get to know your organisation, it’s driving factors and how they effect the way construction projects are delivered.

Through our combined experience of over 60 years supporting clients in the construction industry, our passion is driven from seeing first hand how even the most established businesses can make improvements to reduce costs, manage risks and deliver successful property projects.

Given the challenging economic climate and it’s effect on the UK construction industry, there can be no better time for businesses involved with property projects to engage independent professional help in protecting their investments.

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Startup 849805 150

Our solution

Doyle Hamilton’s strategic services are designed to support Property teams in implementing change and covers all key areas including:

  • Project Delivery Processes
  • Procurement & Tendering
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Central Cost Reporting
  • Process Compliance & Auditing
  • Funder Monitoring Services

The Doyle Hamilton offering includes:

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Project Delivery Processes

Supporting our clients with the tools required to run successful projects.

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Strategic Procurement & Tendering

Working together to develop tailored procurement and tendering solutions.

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Strategic Value Engineering

Assisting our clients to identify and integrate Value Engineering solutions.

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Strategic Risk Management

Identify risks early in a projects life with continued monitoring throughout.

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Strategic Central Cost Monitoring

Providing a strategic cost overview at a ‘global’ level to inform key stakeholders.

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Process Compliance & Monitoring

Monitoring and measuring the success of the new systems and project procedures.

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Funder & Investment Monitoring

independent auditing services designed to protect our Clients investment.

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